WTH: Ferrari FF Defeats Ferrari 458 Via Urine Puddle!

Watch as a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Ferrari FF face off on the track! While the 458 is certainly faster, the FF has the advantage of 4-wheel drive, and utilizes urine to overtake the 458…tacky, yes. Funny? Hell yes! Video at bottom of post

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Watch the entire video, you will not regret it and will likely share it with friends! After viewing this viddy, which car would you buy, the 458 Italia or the FF hatchback? Rent the Ferrari 458 in Miami to get a feel for it!

Ferrari FF Hatchback in the snow

Ferrari FF Hatchback in the problem!

Apparently there was no rain on that bone-dry day, and so a group of men created a bit of their own, lowering their trousers and standards in the name of luxury racing! Their ambition paid off, as the Ferrari 458 immediately spun out in the nasty urine spat, allowing the Ferrari FF hatchback ample opportunity to finally overtake the 458.

My favorite quote was when he said that the Ferrari FF is different from the 458, “and when I say different, I mean better.”

Ferrari 458

The view of the Ferrari 458 the Ferrari FF enjoyed for most of the video!

 It was difficult to watch the cars get spattered with pee…I assume a thorough detailing occurred immediately after the race!




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