WTF: Florida Man Tosses Wife’s 10K Ring Out With the Trash—Actually Finds it in Dump!

A Margate, Florida man had a very rotten day recently when he absentmindedly tossed his wife’s $10,000 custom wedding ring out with the garbage! Brian McGuinn then went from the doghouse to the dump in efforts to retrieve the pricey bauble! If you think about it, $10,000 can buy quite a few exotic rental car experiences…so he made the right choice by digging in his heels and getting the job done!

In the above news feed, you can see McGuinn suited up to sift through a mountain of rubbish…a true act of love!

Shockingly, McGuinn was able to recover the lost ring after digging through tons of rancid refuse in the sweltering Florida sun. McGuinn did have the foresight to contact waste management, who provided him with a protective vest, goggles and a suit to aid in his efforts. Approximately 30 minutes into the disgusting dig, McGuinn found the ring surrounded by black sludge and wedged between two brown bags. He described the dump digging experience as “Absolutely disgusting”, and I assume he wasn’t interested in a bagged lunch!

The McGuinn's reunited with their wedding ring

The McGuinn’s reunited with the ring…I wonder if Brian felt like Frodo on Lord of the Rings on his epic mission?

So how does one simply toss out an expensive wedding ring? According to the Sun Sentinel, McGuinn’s pregnant wife, Anna, handed him the ring to place in her jewelry box while she bathed; he then accidently tossed it into the trash with an old razor. Ouch! Afterward, McGuinn said,
"I was ecstatic. It was like winning the lottery. It was probably one of the best moments ever."

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