Video: Flying Car Crashes Into Luxury Car Lot

Video of damaged luxury cars at the dealership

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!  It’s a…flying projectile automobile of unknown origin that apparently crash-landed into a lot laden with luxury cars.  Oh yes, the employees at Import Cars of West Chester were amazed to discover eight high-end luxury cars banged up Smokey and the Bandit style when they returned to work at the dealership.  This is not something we would ever want to have happen to our fleet of  luxury rental cars Miami!

The pre-owned luxury cars were reportedly damaged when an unknown driver went airborne, landing on them and then simply driving away.  Police have no clue who the driver of the flying car could be, and it is astounding that the flying car was in any condition to flee the scene.

The damaged inventory of luxury cars include Jaguars, Audis, BMWs and a Cadillac, according to the police report, with a Jaguar receiving the brunt of the damage, estimated in the thousands.  There were even tire marks on hoods, making the elusive escape even seem a bit impressive!

The dealership plans to settle with their insurance company, repair the damaged luxury cars and proceed from there, and they are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.


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