WTF: Idiot Gets Lamborghini Serviced at Best Buy

In this photo, you can clearly see a crime against a perfectly purring luxury car!  This idiot opted to have his Lamborghini Murcielago serviced at a Best Buy, likely to have a stereo (or DVD player or iPad) installed.  If this photo does not make you want to point and laugh, I do not know what would!

Lamborghini fail

Epic Lamborghini fail

Who takes one of the world’s leading supercars to a lower-end electronics chain for service?  This guy.  If you can afford a Lamborghini Murcielago, you should easily afford proper care and maintenance, and that includes installation of electronics from those who are familiar with such a high-end exotic sports car. Perhaps a Lamborghini rental would have been more ideal for this individual…jes sayin’!

Places like Best Buy are suitable for a Toyota Celica, and the staff of youngsters at may well do a decent job upgrading that tape deck to a CD changer.  This is visible proof that some exotic car owners simply have more money than common sense somedays!

Lamborghini Mucielago LP640 Roadster

The Lamborghini Mucielago LP640 Roadster does not deserve this type of treatment!

Funny Lamborghini Pics

Grandma even appreciates the many uses of a supercar like a Lamborghini…it doubles as a picnic mobile with the grandkids!

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