WTF: Just a Lamborghini Hauling a Mattress

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that if one can afford a supercar like a Lamborghini, that the money for say a moving truck would not be an issue. That does not seem to be the case for this Canadian Lamborghini owner, who was caught hauling a mattress rather than ass! While a mattress and ass may pair well, a furniture-laden Lamborghini is just whack. There is a need for a series titled ‘Exotic Cars Behaving Badly!"

If the owner could not spring for a moving truck, perhaps this is a Lamborghini rental…which would require some explaining should the rental company see this!

Lamborghini hauling mattress

A Lamborghini toting a fashionable mattress

This disgrace to the brand occurred near the popular waterfront area of Toronto, known as ‘the beaches’, where I am sure quite a few onlookers were amused by the scene! It seems that the owner was intelligent enough not to risk the paint with straps, opting instead for the passenger’s flesh fork.

Moving truck

Something like this would have been much more appropriate…should there not be a pickup truck handy!

As you can see by the photo, the back of a Lamborghini is just slightly more accommodating than an actual bull. Don’t miss more on Lamborghini and our fleet of luxury exotic rental cars on your way out!

Lamborghini mattress story

The famous bull logo

Lamborghini carries mattress

This is not a vehicle created with any intention of hauling furniture…



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