WTF: Misspelled Luxury Car Fan Pages on Facebook

Ah Facebook…a place where even like-minded auto fans can connect and converse regarding their favorite auto brands. I just wish to make one thing clear:  Be wary of ‘liking’ these groups, most cannot even spell the name of the brand correctly, indicating that the stories and specifications shared will be unreliable at best…unless you want to swap stories about your "Astun Martin", Lamborgini, or Ferari" with others. *cringe

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Lamborghini Facebook screenshot

Lamborghini would not approve…but 39,295 fans did…*sigh

Porsh Facebook screenshot

Porsche Vs Porsh…with 668 likes. (more screenshots below!)

Let’s take a more entertaining look at just how bad these misspellings actually are! It is sorrowful enough that the page creator missed such a blunt error, but note in the screenshots how many people ‘like’ the misrepresented pages! That is an immense sea of feeble Facebookers with a propensity to point and click rather than actually read.



Ferari Facebook Screenshot

16,202 likes for Ferari…check out the first comment.



Bently Facebook screenshot

Note the first comment…it is even misspelled. Still, 6,581 idiots like this

I still enjoy when an older individual asks me about MyFace or SpaceBook. I just can’t help it.



Astun Martin Facebook screenshot

At least this person was called out in the comment section…but 72 likes is 72 too many.

Closing thought: If Facebook plays a large role in the reading habits of today’s children, will they ever know the proper spellings of most words? Will English end up a complex array of symbols and smileys?





Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals