WTF: The Ugliest Ferrari 599, Thanks Mansory

Mansory Ferrari 599 Gold

Mansory Ferrari 599 Stallone is far from golden

How do you separate yourself from the masses of exotic car owners and especially fellow Ferrari 599 owners?  According to those lacking vision, just take your exotic sports car over to Mansory, where they can fully customize it to the extent that no one will ever repurchase or steal it…even if you leave it on the wrong side of the tracks running.  Sigh…it is truly unfortunate that money simply cannot buy good taste. 


Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599

Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599

In this case, an unfortunate decision was made to create five copies of the same mistake, a modified Ferrari 599 featuring a gold coat and black racing stripe.  This is a bizzare exotic car of epic proportions.  Mansory is offering the five fugly Ferraris for sale and one has popped up in Dubai, with a special body-kit, questionable interior motif and the new name “Stallone” attached.  You can view the interior of this golden Ferrari 599 below, and comment below as to how inviting or revolting you find it!  It would make me want to spring forth from the car as if it were a Ferrari 458 Italia on fire.

Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599 Interior

Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599 interior…a golden coffin

I am sorry, but 720 horsepower do not make up for the unpleasant aesthetics.

This is not the first automotive faux pas committed by Mansory, they were also responsible for creating Mansory’s Porsche Panamera featured in Evo magazine years ago, who dubbed it the least tasteful modified car they had ever seen.


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