WTH: Woman Flips Corvette While Showing Off at Ferrari Dealership

A woman in her 20s created quite the spectacle at the Maserati-Ferrari of New England dealership in Boston as she flipped her Corvette upside down while attempting a bit of showing off! Spectator accounts describe the yellow Corvette mistiming a burnout, clipping a curb and abruptly flipping onto its hood…an exotic car crash of embarrassing proportions!

Above is a news clip outlining the incident

Reports on the mystery woman vary, from racecar driver (likely untrue) to ballroom dancer. Employees were winding things down for closing time and likely did not expect such an eventful finale! Some stated that it is common procedure for people to revv their engines and show out a bit while at the dealership.

Corvette Crashes at Ferrari-Maserati Dealership

Corvette Crashes at Ferrari-Maserati Dealership

The fast lady was reported to be out in search of a faster car and suffering from a heavy foot. According to Sales Manager Rich Geremia,
"She came out of the furthest entrance and did step on it a bit, like everyone does when they drive by the place. She downshifted and got sideways and nicked a curb and got airborne and flipped upside down, she thankfully didn’t hurt anyone."

Germenia said the racy woman is very nice and stops into the Ferrari-Maserati location a couple of times per year to see new inventory. Will they allow her to test-drive in the future?


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