WTH: 10-Year-Old Crashes Dad’s Maserati!

When you have a 10-year-old son and a tempting exotic car like a Maserati, it may be wise to lock the car and the keys! A 10-year-old American boy accessed the keys to his father’s $200,000 Maserati in Hong Kong and took off on an ill-fated joyride that ended with an exotic car crash and his arrest!



The boy motored down the street and clipped another car in a parking lot, continuing another 300 meters before stopping along a busy street where a witness contacted authorities. A spokeswoman stated,
“Police arrested the 10-year-old for driving without a license and taking a conveyance without authority under the theft ordinance.”

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The boy was taken to a local jail and released on bail, likely from a very livid father. Because of his tender young age, the auto-enthusiast will likely avoid the seven-year jail sentence that is the max for the crimes, though I am sure a 7-year grounding may be in order! I am a bit surprised that the boy was taken to a jail and wondering if that would have been the outcome in America. Hong Kong don’t play!

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