WTH: Just Jan Stuivenberg Perched on Bugatti Veyron Spoiler

I would never think of using one of our exotic car rentals as a sofa, so this photo of Jan Stuivenberg carelessly perched on his Bugatti Veyron shocked me, to say the least! This is not exactly categorized as proper routine maintenance for a hypercar of this caliber!

Jan Stuivenberg Bugatti

The picture was taken in Holland by Ronald Van Den Hurk, and is worth 2 million words!

Jan owns quite the arsenal of exotic luxury cars, so I suppose if any damage were to ensue from this relaxation technique, he could just use one of his other cars, including:
•    7 Porsches (including the iconic 959 and Carrera GT)
•    3 Ferraris (including an F40 and F430)
•    3 Bentleys (including a Continental T)
•    A Jaguar XJ220
•    The fastest car on the planet, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and a Bugatti EB110

jan bugatti

Jan racing a blue Bugatti


A great day at the track

So why did Jan sit on his multi-million dollar prized Veyron? Was he perhaps demonstrating the rigid structure and resilience, or perhaps a judgment lapse? Final guess: Photoshop?

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