Yes, You Can Drive That Ferrari Daily! Meet the Ferrari California Luxury Rental Car

Ferrari California Supercar

Luxury cars are an investment, to be purchased, bragged about, stored and meticulously maintained, pulled out only on special occasions or offered as luxury rental cars.  But wait, the Ferrari California is being touted as a ‘daily driver’…what the hell?  If this is the case, this may well be the perfect exotic and luxury rental car ever!

Ferrari California Luxury Car

So what makes this particular Ferrari so special?  The all-new California Ferrari luxury convertible boasts a hardtop and a spectacular engine that was actually designed to be driven rather than preserved.  Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals is excited about the addition of the Ferrari California rental to our fleet of luxury convertible rentals in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Ferrari California Luxury Car

Specifications of the all-aluminum Ferrari California rental include a mid-front mounted engine that can demolish the 0-60 marker in less than 4 seconds.  This is an extremely driver-friendly Ferrari convertible rental Miami, with a specialized seven-speed dual clutch transmission and the F1-Trac traction control system.  This F1 system was first offered in the 599 GTB Fiorano Ferrari.


According to Ferrari,

“The Ferrari California is aimed at owners who desire a car which embodies everything the Prancing Horse represents in terms of sporty design and innovation, but also seek a car with greater versatility than ever.”

Ferrari California Interior

The Ferrari California rental Miami is the perfect all-weather daily driver luxury car.  Ideal for vacations or making an impression at a business event, this luxury convertible rental has a playful and serious side!  When you are ready to experience the latest brand changes from Ferrari, experience the California rental Miami from Imagine Lifestyles!

Ferrari California Specifications

Ferrari California Front View




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