Zenvo Enters the Supercar Realm-the ST1

Zenvo ST1 SupercarZenvo ST1 Supercar Rear ViewNew details have been revealed for the Zenvo ST1, a supercharged stud worthy of its time in the limelight? You tell us.  Much like the Lexus LFA, this is the first attempt from Danish automobile manufacturer Zenvo at a supercar. 

The model name ST1 has significance, with the S standing for “supercharger”, the T standing for “turbo” and the 1 indicating that it is their first supercar model.  The design stems from free flowing accelerating lines, bringing to life a slick transition of bodylines sculpted to arouse.

The sharp lines are softened somewhat by the muscle, creating a dramatic body.  The front of the Zenvo ST1 is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille, flanked by an oversized air intake serving to cool the brakes and house the headlights.  The overall theme of the front end is carried through to the rear, which is designed around the large diffuser needed for high speed stability and down force. 

Similar to the nose, the center volume is flanked by large air exits, working to extract hot air and to house the exhaust and tail lights.  The ST1 features a rear spoiler, which is often necessary for a supercar capable of high speeds-233 miles per hour to be exact.  Okay, enough of the aesthetics and down to specs. 

The Zenvo ST1 boasts a 7.1-liter V8 engine capable of delivering 1,104 horsepower and 1055 pounds per foot of torque.  That means that this supercar can jump from 0-60 in just about 3 seconds…sounds boring.  Not that I would turn down the opportunity to try. 

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