Imagine Lifestyles provides anything and everything for the deserving elite. We cater to every aspect of the celebrated lifestyle; each program is tastefully accommodated to each individual client’s desires. No detail is too small to be tailored to the specific fancy of the patron. Every whim from social to culinary, from transportation to accommodation, as well as the full spectrum of recreation in between, is part of the luxury leisure service at your disposal. On top of the expansive list of luxury items directly provided for your service, an all-inclusive network of exotic rentals assures there is no desire unaccounted for.

Imagine Lifestyles is comprised entirely of individuals who epitomize the lifestyle they represent. Each not only provides personal insight and knowledge of the finest grade but is an active participant in the elements that characterize luxury.

Jared Jukel, Co-CEO

Jared Jukel comes from a background rich with the knowledge of amenity. His birthright and his childhood fascination with all the objects of luxury which constantly surrounded him made him a veritable connoisseur of good taste. His keen intellect and his stylistic acumen coupled with his tireless work ethic and good humor have made him a popular fixture of the upscale Miami scene since his youth. His intimate knowledge of all aspects of affluence and business make his position a near superfluous activity. Jared not only provides his services professionally but is ever present wherever elegance abounds.

Contact info:
Local: 305-432-3205

Ryan Safady, Co-CEO

Ever since his father brought home a Porsche 911 when he was a young boy, Ryan Safady has known that he wanted to make luxury living his own way of life. He began exploring his passion for fine automobiles in particular while driving Porsche’s and Ferrari’s as a teenager.

After graduating with honors from the University of Rutgers, Ryan entered into the family textiles business. There he began developing his passion for building, developing and deploying small businesses, thus establishing an architectural vision of business development. The experience he acquired has helped him forge extensive contracts with NFL, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s and other major retailers. Along the way, he has accrued expert knowledge in web design and development, Internet marketing, and Internet copyrighting.

Ryan’s ambition is to apply his architectural business strategy to a subject close to his heart: luxury living. With this venture, Ryan is calling on his experience and knowledge of luxury cars, yachts, real estate, travel, and jets. Furthermore, his network of contacts within the luxury living industry includes high-end concierge services, exotic car manufacturers, and exclusive villas.

Contact info:
Local: 856-437-5271

Tom Messenger, Customer Experience Coordinator

Tom is a lifelong automotive enthusiast and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in process development. He has specialized in customer experience and enjoys working with people to develop their skills. Tom’s focus is on creating an excellent customer experience, which starts with developing the processes that make it possible. He loves working with others to help them achieve their goals and grow as individuals.

Tom has always been a go-getter. He started in this business at the as a part time driving instructor, and has earned his way to a position of leadership through self directed improvement of multiple aspects of it. With over 20 years of experience in the customer service industry, Tom has used his knowledge to build efficient processes that enhance the customer experience. When he’s not working, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.

Contact info:
Local: 305-877-2755