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Near the top of the line in regards to luxury business travel is the line of Boeing business jets. This series of Boeing airliners are tailored specifically to the corporate jet niche, high-profile business people, celebrities and those who expect only the best when they select a luxury air charter. A Boeing business jet can accommodate 25-50 passengers in indulgent comfort and lavish style. The seating configuration promotes comfort, rather than the commercial airline feel of canned sardines. Depending on the Boeing model, the layout could include a master suite with a washroom and shower, a conference area, dining area and living area. The sheer space alone lends to increased comfort while you are in the air, and we all know how long and grueling those intercontinental flights can be, especially if you are cramped onto a commercial aircraft. We feel confident that once you experience the comfort of an exclusive business jet charter, you will be hesitant to return to commercial travel. If you are a frequent flyer, you know how valuable your time is, and likely do not enjoy wasting much of it waiting in lengthy airport lines only to end up smashed between other passengers for hours. Let Imagine Lifestyles take charge of your travel plans, and you just sit back and take charge of your business!

Basic Specs

  • Passenger Capacity:
  • Cruising Speed (mph):
  • Cabin Dimensions (HxWxL):
  • Baggage Capacity (cubic ft):
  • Lavatory:
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