Armed Thieves Return Stolen Luxury Cars in Perfect Condition

Sixteen masked thieves armed with guns and knives lifted four high-performance cars from the luxury dealership of Terry Mullins in Burwood, CA.  The twist to this luxury car theft came when the vehicles reappeared 26-hours later on the lot, in pristine condition!  Stories of stolen luxury cars from dealerships and exotic rental car companies are increasing lately, it seems.


The prized Lamborghini at the dealership

When the thieves eyed his prized orange Lamborghini (pictured above), however, Mullens interjected,

“No way. You’re not getting the Lamborghini…these cars are my life."

Stolen Luxury Cars

The bizarre theft has left authorities baffled

And they very well could have been the end of his life with an approach like that!  Were his actions brave or dense?  Comment below!

Mullens said that 8 men entered the dealership around 3:50 pm, while an additional 8 men waited outside.  That is certainly a frightening scenario, and thankfully none of the employees of the dealership were injured in the heist.

Local police are baffled, and suspects include a gang involved with a string of daring luxury car thefts.  They made off with a Porsche Cayenne 2, BMW M3 coupe, BMW 335i, Range Rover Sport at Mullen’s dealership, all of which were returned.





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