The Arrinera Hussarya Supercar in Production Form

It is not easy to be a new supercar on the scene…unless perhaps you are the Arrinera Hussarya. This new girl has what it takes to turn corners and heads, and she is not letting jealousy stop her in her tracks. Not that a Polish supercar is typically an object of envy, those usually hail from Italy, but the Hussarya certainly has some worthy attributes.

Arrinera Hussarya

The Arrinera Hussarya may be a challenge to pronounce, but it is easy on the eyes. It is also striking in every shade. (All photos copyright by Arrinera).

The Arrinera Hussarya concept first rolled out in 2011, and the production form shows the substantial dedication that has been given to the design process. The production version of the Hussarya will be made in the Gliwice factory in Poland, with an initial run of approximately 100 units. Arrinera Hussarya

The Arrinera Hussarya supercar at a glance:

  • It is powered by a potent supercharged 6.2-liter V8 pushing forth 650 horses and 604 pound-feet of torque. The engine is sourced from GM.
  • RWD
  • Automated manual with paddle shifters by CIMA of Italy. It is a challenge to create a supercar without at least a few Italian attributes, after all.
  • Performance specifications are on point to compete with most major supercars. The estimated 0-60 mile per hour sprint is a cool 3.2 seconds with a top speed of about 211.
  • Construction materials include carbon fiber, Kevlar, composite materials and high-strength steel, with a final curb weight of 2,900 pounds.
  • The cabin will offer luxury creature comforts like fine leather, racing style seating, carbon fiber trim and a night vision package.

Arrinera Hussarya

Pricing for the production version of the Arrinera Hussarya exotic sports car has not been officially released yet. Look for the good-looking newcomer over the coming months. Arrinera Hussarya

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