Ask Imagine: Guy’s Weekend in Chicago What do you Recommend?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I know you guys are experts on Chicago, and I am going to be in the city next month with a few friends for a guy’s weekend.  I’ve done the whole club scene way too many times and am looking to mix it up with something different on this visit.  What would Imagine Lifestyles recommend?


Bill, Denver

Hey Bill,

We appreciate your question and we have just the thing for you and your friends for your next visit.  Luckily for you, summer has arrived in Chicago and being out on the water of beautiful Lake Michigan is the place to be.  A boat rental, luxury yacht charter or speed boat rental for a day would guarantee a weekend to remember.  Summer weekends out on Lake Michigan, we have what the locals call the “play pen”, where boats tie up together and get the party started.  On a nice day, the atmosphere out on the water will rival any other experience you have previously had in Chicago.  Feel free to give Imagine Lifestyles Chicago a call and we will be happy to help you with all your boat rental questions.  Make this summer trip one to remember for you and all of your friends and get out and enjoy Chicago boating at it’s finest.  

Thank You,

Imagine Lifestyles


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