Beckham Basically Giving his Bentley Away!

David Beckham the uber famous UK footballer has put his customized 2002 Bentley Arnage T up for sale. The kicker is that Becks pimped out his ride first so you don’t have to. He added $120,000 worth of options and extras to his Betley Arnage, making the car worth an estimated $410,000. Stocked with refrigerator, rear television screens, "Le Mans" style wing vents, custom cream leather interior with matching embroidered leather baby seat for his son. The V12 only has 25,000 miles on it and the asking price is only $170,000. The original MSRP for an Arnage T is $290,000, what gives?

Then this car has history too This particular Bentley Arnage T was the car Becks drove into Buckingham Palace when the Queen of England decorated him with an OBE. Plus, the only two Bentleys pictured in the Bentley head office are Beckhams and the Queens. David Beckham doesn’t need money, we figure he just has an awful big heart since he is practically giving his Bentley away.  Brilliant Becks, could you actually be any more perfect? We don’t think so