Bentley to Offer High-Speed Ice Lake Tours

Bentley is touting its badass side, offering up a new “Power on Ice” tour that allows customers to drive a Bentley over snow and ice. I suppose the brand feels it must compete with the likes of Ferrari and their Winter Driving Program, aimed to educate drivers on proper handling in all-weather conditions (follow link for full details and to see the Ferrari FF on ice!) Note: Bentleys can hit speeds of 205 mph on ice!

For thrill-seekers only!

The Bentley Power on Ice tour kicks off next month in the far-north of icy Finland. Customers can take the wheel of a Bentley Continental Supersports or Continental GT on specialized driving circuits made of ice and snow that are unique from any other man-made road or track. The Continental range features an all-wheel drive system that employs an advanced Torsen differential, allowing it to navigate slick and treacherous terrain that most supercars simply cannot.

Ice-coated tracks created for speed

The Continental range can adjust the power split instantly between the front and rear wheels, depending on available grip, allowing the awesomeness of driving a Bentley at high speeds on ice. The electronic stability control fitted to the cars adds additional security and grip when the all-wheel drive can’t keep up.

Bentley Supersports

Aside from the exhilaration of accelerating a Bentley over snow and ice, the tour offers a complete luxury experience with 5-star dining at the Ruka Peak mountainside hotel, a spa package and available nature excursions. On board? Bentley is currently taking requests for the tour, which is scheduled for February 5-26. Prefer to stay local? Get your thrills with a Bentley rental in New York, Miami, Chicago or LA from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles!

Would you want to drive a Bentley on ice?

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