BMW Destroys Guinness World Drift Record!

BMW has stolen the Guinness World Drift Record with an unbelievable 51-mile drifting session at the BMW Performance Center near Greenville, South Carolina.

Guinness World Drift Record

Check out the highlight videos below:

Watch the BMW lap the wet track

Apparently it is not against Guinness regulations to position sprinklers onto the track for this event. For some reason, the Bugatti Veyron Fastest Production Car issue comes to mind! Will BMW be stripped of this title in a few years after enough people point out the water issue? It did take years for Bugatti to be stripped of its title–after it was highlighted repeatedly that the actual production Veyron was limited to a speed lower than the record. The rules state that the “Fastest Production Car” must be able to hit top speed in production form.

Note the strategically placed sprinklers used to keep the track wet and thus increase the longevity of the tires

The previous record was obliterated at the BMW Performance Driving School with an unmodified BMW M5 sedan. Chinese drifter Wang Qi previously held the record in 2011 when he drifted nearly 4 miles. It was then taken by Abdo Feghali in Abu Dubai with an impressive 7 miles in a Chevy Camaro. BMW now holds the official record for the longest sustained drift, clocking 51 jaw-dropping miles straight. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you scoff at your opponent’s efforts. The BMW M5 will see your 7 miles and raise you…51 glorious miles of continuous delicious drifting.

Guinness World Drift Record

Instructor Johan Schwartz gripped the wheel of the BMW M5 to secure the Guinness drifting record

The BMW M5 sedan used was fitted with a fresh pair of Continental ContiSport ultra-high performance tires for the feat, measuring 255/30/20 front and 295/30/20 rear. The 2013 M5 packs a M-DCT transmission. The Guinness World Record attempt signaled the start of the BMW Charity Pro-Am, which raises funds for over 150 various charities.

Guinness World Drift Record

BMW Performance Driving School steals Guinness World Drift record with BMW M5 sedan 


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