What Will Bugatti Use To Drown Out The Crickets?

Now that the last Bugatti Veyron is finished and all of the seriously hyped and rehyped excitement has been reduced to a calm crescendo of crickets, what will the brand do? Bugatti is a badge that radiates adrenaline, after all, so it cannot be expected to remain silent for too long. The Bugatti Veyron successor rumors have certainly been going on long enough in an industry with the attention span stuck on zero miles per hour.

Bugatti Veyron successorPrevious rumors have gone back and forth tennis court style about whether the Bugatti Veyron successor will be faster or better in any measure. Now with the Frankfurt Motor Show looming, the rumors have reignited at full energy, claiming bravely that the successor shall be even more of a speed demon and going further to say that there will never be a Bugatti SUV. Because there are no legitimate announcements by Bugatti itself at this juncture, we must assume that they are truly indulging in the joy of the long tease. We must also assume that they have something for us—and hope against hope that it is enough to fill that immeasurable void.

Bugatti Veyron successorFun fact: Wolfgang Durhiemer heads both Bugatti and Bentley.

Bugatti leader Wolfgang Durhiemer seems to be of the impression that the brand could bask in the glory of the completion of the Veyron series a bit longer. That is more than humorous, if true, because everyone knows the attention span of the automotive industry is as short as a standard lap around the track. Overall, when it comes to changing up the game, Bugatti considers itself already at the top of the industry–with no desire to change the way the world (and itself) views it. Therefore, at this time, there likely will not be a slew of experiments going on like a sedan, SUV or other options, but that only means that the brand is highly unlikely to release anything less spectacular than the Veyron. Will it shock and eventually satiate? We must continue to wait on Bugatti for the answers!

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