Most Expensive: $4,260 iPhone 5 Cover with Lamborghini Accents

In the realm of most expensive iPhone 5 covers, this jewel is certainly among them! The name is a mouthful–it is called the Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo and it was designed by Elijah Giacometti in cooperation with Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Like it? It can be yours for just $4,260 dollars, which is equivalent to literally thousands of iPhones. This is not the first time a Lamborghini phone has called the shots.

Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo

The Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo costs as much as two exotic car rentals! 

The exclusive Caviar brand began in 2011, when Giacometti, owner of jewelry brand Perla Penna, noticed that there was a somewhat large market for flashy smartphone accessories. Much like customizing a Bentley or other luxury car, celebrities and wealthy individuals enjoy bespoke smartphone cases. When it comes to customized cases for iPhones and more, some will pay exorbitant amounts to be the flashiest.

Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo

Caviar caters to this demand with items like the Titano Diabolo, and buyers do not wince at the price tag. This iPhone 5 cover boasts titanium, fine leather and carbon fiber, which is popular in the exotic car industry. The highlight is the Lamborghini badge, which attracts fans of the supercar and allows them to show their spirit wherever they wield their phone.

Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo

The pricing and exclusivity of Caviar iPhone cases have risen, and just 99 examples of this one will be created. 

Shockingly, the Caviar iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo is far from the most expensive. The uber-wealthy can acquire an iPhone cover by Golden Dreams for $100,000 USD that boasts natural sapphires and rubies. To trump that, UUnique London offers one for $302,985 featuring rose gold and diamonds. Hey, it does not have the input of Lamborghini, so no deal!

Golden Dreams iPhone cover

 iPhone covers by Golden Dreams

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