Luxury SUVs: Some Like it Chauffeured and Why that is OK

The tradition of driving being a passage into manhood is not alive and well in all cultures. Some spend a major portion of their daily lives ensconced in a vehicle stuck in traffic and derive pleasure in the experience from the backseat, where they get things done en route. For these types, a limousine was once the ticket but times they are a changing! Now only a robust luxury SUV capable of serving as a mobile office will suffice–and companies are listening. Have you seen our chauffeured luxury SUV options?

chauffeured luxury SUV

The oversized luxury grand touring car of the past is losing momentum as buyers hungrily lap up the latest chauffeured SUV offerings from major players. Even Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce are scrambling to give potential clients what they want, as it is a burgeoning new market segment. In fact, SUV sales are expected to account for almost 45% of sales very soon, which is quite a departure from their recent recession. With newer models offering palatable fuel economy and more perks than an episode of Top Gear, they are clearly in the running for success.

chauffeured luxury SUVWhat this means for us exotic car buffs:

Just because the big brands will be offering something new for new clients, does not mean they will end the coupes and racers we love. With all the extra money they will be netting from luxury chauffeured SUV sales, the racing teams and newer street cars should actually be even more badass than ever before. Porsche has given us every indication that this theory is true. Since the introduction of the Porsche Cayenne SUV and its little sibling the Macan, the brand has reinvented its racing team and made a return to the Le Mans 24 Hours with the extreme 918 car. We can all look forward to what an SUV income bump can do for our favorite brands. It also means that the chauffeured SUV models in our rental fleet will continue to get even better!

chauffeured luxury SUVChauffeured cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom are still available for those who prefer them! 

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