The Diamond Standard of Vodka

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and diamond filtered vodka is just best. Diamond Standard Vodka is the fresh luxury vodka that may just sweep major markets around the globe. Diamond Beverages, LLC has perfected the world’s most expensive vodka filtration process and is presently launching the ultra-premium vodka into major U.S cities. Launched in Miami last week and we got to taste, touch and feel Diamond Standard. Obviously the premium vodka will be kept in the best restaurants, nightclubs and hotels on South Beach, think Prime 112,  Mokai and the Fountainebleau.

Diamond Standard Vodka is produced in Poland, where vodka was originally discovered. Made at the legendary Polmos Siedlce Distillery, using four-times distilled, fine Polish rye and pure aquifer water. The vodka is then continuously filtered through 600 DeBeers cut diamonds for seven days. Diamond Beverages CEO Louis Amoroso told it like it is, "Our goal with Diamond Standard Vodka is to produce the finest vodka in the world. Consumers have had nowhere to go but sideways in the ‘Ultra-Premium’ category for some time. For those who want to try the best, we have created a vodka at an entirely new level and established a new ‘Diamond Standard’ – luxury."

The best tasting luxe vodka, of course, has to look the part. Ergo, Diamond Standard Vodka is bottled in "perfume grade" Saverglass; and then beautified with a 25 mm Swarovski crystal, which overhangs the bottle. Diamond Standard Vodka is crystallized, chic and yours for about $100 per.  Diamond Beverages would like to remind you that, "when enjoying Diamond Standard Vodka, please keep your standards. Drink responsibly." Or just keep it classy San Diego!


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