Eat Chocolate, Win a 2010 Chevy Camaro?

Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory would certainly be proud of Chevy, who is holding a pretty sweet contest-indulge in Hershey’s chocolate and win a 2010 Camaro.  So what is the catch, you may ask?

The guidelines are fairly cut and dry, open to all United States residents over the ripe old age of 18, one email address per person, and no purchase necessary to enter.  This delicious contest runs from 9/01/09 through 1/31/10, with the drawing scheduled to be held on 2/3/2010. 

While the grand-prize is the 2010 Camaro, valued at $35,000, there will be 2,500 first prizes, which will be a Hershey’s vintage cap valued at $15.00.  The hat is not exactly the new version of an American legend, but hey, it is bet2010 Chevy Camaroter than nothing.

What is more American than Hershey’s chocolate and muscle cars?  This seems to be a win-win competition.  And why worry yourself over the empty calories, when Camaro isn’t exactly a featherweight.  The new Chevy Camaro is unabashedly bad-assed, and those who dislike chocolate cannot be trusted.

Well, only one lucky winner will be getting lucky in that Camaro, but save your sulking and go for an exotic rental car to comfort you in the event you lose (which is likely with those odds). 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals