New York Shelby Rental Cars

We have all watched enviously as someone rolled up in a flawless vintage car. Now is your chance to experience the best of the past with Imagine Lifestyle’s newest addition—our luxury vintage car rental fleet!
You may not even notice heavy New York traffic when you are behind the wheel of a 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 or other classic car…but your presence will definitely be noticed! Time seems to have stood still for these cars, allowing them to continue to impress the next generations with their engineering, power and beauty. Can you picture yourself dressed to the nines for a night out NY style in a classic car rental?
Contact us today and discover just how simple it is to roll down memory lane in some of the most exquisite vehicles ever made!

Shelby Cobra 427, Vintage 1965 New York

Daily Mileage 75
Additional Milage $3.95 per mile
Weekly Rate Currently Not In Stock
$ N/A Per Day