Foxwell NT809 Automotive Bidirectional Scan Tool: Over 28 Service Functions


Maintaining your vehicle can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when troubleshooting hidden issues or trying to understand complex diagnostic codes. The Foxwell NT809 car bidirectional scan tool steps in as the ultimate solution, providing a robust set of over 28 service functions that simplify diagnostics. With comprehensive OBD2 functions, detailed system diagnostics, and a multitude of reset services, this scanner is your go-to partner for handling vehicle maintenance effectively and efficiently. Let’s explore how the Foxwell NT809 tool can elevate your car care experience.

Foxwell NT809: Features and Benefits

Smart Scan with Android 9.0 and a 7″ Touch Screen The Foxwell NT809 employs an advanced Android 9.0 operating system, paired with a 7″ touchscreen display that offers a sleek, tech-forward user experience. This setup ensures smooth, intuitive navigation through its diverse range of features. You can swiftly access various functions like diagnostics, live data graphs, and service resets. The touch screen also provides a clear, vivid display, making it easy to monitor live data and analyze diagnostic reports.

Bi-Directional Control

The bidirectional control function significantly reduces the time needed for diagnostics by sending commands directly to your vehicle’s systems to check component functionality. This feature is particularly useful for professional mechanics and advanced DIYers who need precise control over various actuators. With the Foxwell NT809, you can update to a full bi-directional scanner and actively engage in troubleshooting processes like testing fuel injectors, turning cooling fans on or off, and manipulating other system controls for accurate diagnostics.

All-in-One OBDII Functions and Full System Diagnostics

No need for multiple diagnostic tools—the NT809 provides all OBDII functions alongside full system diagnostics. It effortlessly scans everything from the engine and transmission to steering and airbags. This capability allows for accurate troubleshooting across a wide range of systems. By retrieving detailed fault codes and live data, you can pinpoint issues without guesswork. The system even displays the real-time battery voltage and vehicle model at the top of the screen for convenient monitoring.

30 Reset Services

The Foxwell NT809 caters to all your maintenance needs with 30 different service reset functions. It includes services like ABS bleeding, injector coding, oil reset, and battery matching. If you need to recalibrate your vehicle’s TPMS or reset the airbag system, the NT809 has you covered. This versatility makes it suitable for both professionals and weekend mechanics who want to keep their cars in prime condition without relying on multiple tools.

WiFi Online Update for Faster Troubleshooting

Gone are the days of cumbersome updates through a computer. With a one-click WiFi update feature, the Foxwell NT809 ensures that your diagnostic software is always up-to-date. It also allows you to update APKs directly on the scanner through a stable WiFi connection. This convenience eliminates downtime and keeps the tool ready to tackle the latest diagnostic challenges.

Auto VIN Technology

Skip the tedious task of entering your vehicle’s data manually. Auto VIN technology quickly retrieves vehicle information directly from the onboard systems, saving time and reducing the chance of input errors. This automatic detection allows you to start diagnostics or service resets without delay.

Live Data Recording and Playback

The Foxwell NT809 excels at live data recording and playback, letting you merge up to four live data graphs for a comprehensive view. Whether you’re monitoring fuel efficiency, emissions, or electrical systems, you can easily compare data streams in real-time or in multi-graph mode. This feature is valuable for mechanics and advanced DIYers who need accurate data analysis for effective problem-solving.

Diagnostic Report and Online Support

After conducting comprehensive system scans, the NT809 generates detailed diagnostic reports that you can save, share, or print for future reference. This documentation is essential when discussing findings with clients or other mechanics. Plus, the online feedback feature ensures you receive real-time troubleshooting advice directly from Foxwell’s technical support team.

Foxwell NT809 Meets All Your Diagnostic Needs

Full OBD2 Functions The NT809 makes handling OBD2 diagnostics straightforward. Whether you’re clearing a pesky check engine light, assessing your vehicle’s emissions status, or reviewing freeze frame data, this scanner has it all covered. A quick click on the I/M Readiness feature gives you an overview of your car’s emissions readiness, so you’re always informed before heading for an inspection. The tool also covers EVAP system and onboard monitor tests, ensuring you meet all the daily care requirements necessary to keep your vehicle in top shape.

All System Diagnostics

The Foxwell NT809 provides comprehensive diagnostic coverage for all vehicle systems. It can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from every major ECU module, including the engine, transmission, ABS, airbags, and more. This ability lets you uncover hidden issues that could be affecting your car’s performance. With live data streaming and graphing, you can visualize and analyze crucial parameters, making it easier to identify potential problems before they escalate.

28+ Service Functions

With 28 service reset functions at your fingertips, the Foxwell NT809 is equipped to handle a wide array of diagnostic and calibration tasks. From resetting the oil light to performing ABS bleeding, recalibrating the DPF system, and running injector coding, this scanner tackles the trickiest vehicle issues. The tool also provides calibration for clutch adaptations, airbag ECU replacements, and fuel pump priming.

Fast, Responsive, and Long-Lasting

Powered by Android 9.0, the Foxwell NT809 offers snappy performance, while the 4000mAh battery ensures it can withstand long diagnostic sessions. The 32GB internal storage allows ample space for storing diagnostic data, updates, and service reports. The intuitive, touch-based interface ensures that even novices can navigate with ease, while professionals will appreciate its responsiveness during busy diagnostic workflows.

One-Click WiFi Update

No more fumbling with cables or complex computer setups—the Foxwell NT809’s one-click WiFi update feature allows you to directly access the latest software and APK updates. This feature keeps you equipped with the most recent diagnostic data, giving you the confidence to handle modern vehicles with ease.

Auto VIN and Online Feedback

The Auto VIN feature speeds up data retrieval by automatically scanning and detecting the vehicle’s information, removing the hassle of manual input. Additionally, if you encounter issues during diagnostics, the “Feedback” feature enables direct communication with Foxwell’s expert technicians.

Update Costs

Foxwell provides free updates for three years after activation, ensuring you can utilize the latest diagnostic features and enhancements. After the three-year period ends, you’ll need to pay extra to access new features:

– $150 for one year

– $240 for two years

– $300 for three years

Even without updates, the NT809 continues to function well with its existing features,

maintaining its ability to provide excellent service.

Who Needs Foxwell NT809?

This tool is designed to cater to a diverse audience, ranging from professional mechanics to DIY enthusiasts. If you’re a garage owner, technician, or hobbyist, you’ll find the Foxwell NT809 an indispensable part of your toolkit. The device provides reliable, in-depth insights into vehicle systems, allowing for comprehensive maintenance, whether you’re at home or in the workshop.


The Foxwell NT809 Car Bidirectional Scan Tool is a game-changer in the realm of vehicle diagnostics. With a wide array of features like full system diagnostics, 28+ reset functions, and bi-directional control, it is well-suited for both professional and amateur mechanics. Its seamless Android 9.0 interface and convenient one-click updates streamline maintenance tasks, ensuring your car is in the best possible shape.