GTA Spano Increases Game to the Tune of 925 Horses

We have fantastic news for fans of newbie automakers: Remember Spanish company GTA Spania with their GTA Spano concept from back in 2009? It seems the newbies are all geared up and prepared to unleash the latest version of her at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show! The kicker: Now the Spano GTA is rumored to be packing a hefty 925 horses in her stables, putting her on level with the likes of LaFerrari and a select few others.

GTA SpanoGTA Spania has been producing the GTA Spano on a per-order basis over the past few years, but this new mega version is something to be thrilled about. Let us take a peek at the new trimmings and tunings we can expect from the latest version next month:

The revised GTA Spano at a glance:

  • Word is that this lady is wearing ultra-lightweight carbon fiber to reduce curb weight as well as Kevlar and titanium. Graphene has also been added to the construction mix.
  • Power has been tweaked and tuned as follows: The GTA Spano V10 engine has been derived from the Dodge Viper and hit with dual turbos. It is now an 8.0 rather than the standard 8.4-liter.
  • The nice lady now rips forth approximately 925 horses and 900 lb-ft of glorious torque.
  • Early estimates place her at a 0-60 mile per hour sprint of 2.9 seconds with a top out of 230 miles per hour. It seems that with such an overstuffed stable of horses, she could catapult up to the 60 mile per hour mark a second or more faster, but it appears that may require a bit more revising in the aerodynamics arena.
  • The previous version boasts a top speed of 217 miles per hour.

GTA Spania has been busy teasing the world with their latest beauty prior to the Geneva show. At this juncture they are tempting with shots of her derriere and taillights. Interested parties should note that just 99 units are to be produced of this robust she-beast!

GTA SpanoPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals