Hong Kong APARTMENT Sells for 57 Million-The Most Expensive Things

If you are among those who think the real estate bubble burst a while back, you may want to reconsider.  An apartment in Hong Kong has just sold for almost $57 million big ones, casting a limelight so bright the owner may have a sunburn from the glare.  The property is believed to be the most expensive property in Asia, by square foot.

Hong Kong Main Island According to AP, the apartment is a duplex suite, featuring five bedrooms, an aroma spa center, fitness room, outdoor yoga gym and grand harbor views.  The new homeowner will have bragging rights to the exclusive address, located in the hills of Hong Kong’s main island where the who’s who list begins.  The square footage is approximately 6,158-which translates to an astounding $9,200 per square foot of property.  Even the wealthiest of New Yorkers would stagger at that cost.

The buyer of the ultra-luxurious and exclusive apartment is unidentified and remains anonymous.  I suppose with that amount of wealth, a little privacy is in order.  So if you are not among the most austere of the money chain, do not fret, there are always luxury rental properties available for those special occasions where you must impress.  To really pack an impact, an exotic rental car Miami style to pull up in never hurt anyone.  I wonder if this buyer has a collection of exotic luxury cars to accent the property with…

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