How to move valuables safely

Organizing a move can take up a lot of your time and effort, even when you hire movers to do it for you. Many pieces of the puzzle will require special attention, but this is particularly true of your most valuable possessions. As your precious belongings are often fragile or at least sensitive items, you will need to look into how to move valuables safely when planning your move. Whether you are moving on your own or have the help of hired professionals, it won’t hurt to have these tips at your disposal.

How to pack valuables when moving house

It goes without saying when thinking how to move valuables safely that you have to be careful with packing. Depending on what it is, you should use a variety of different packing materials to make sure your belongings do not get damaged during transport. For example, you can use old newspapers, plastic wrap, cloth or foam peanuts to provide padding. The boxes also have to be of appropriate size and they have to be clearly marked. What you want to do is provide enough padding for sensitive items within the box. If you are packing porcelain, one of the tricks is to wrap each individual plate and place it on its side within the box. This will ensure the plate doesn’t break in case there is some impact.

A sheet of plastic wrap, scissors, and tape.
Carefully wrap each valuable item when packing before putting it in the box.

Additionally, when it comes to valuable items that could easily break, if they are in parts, definitely separate them. Wrap each individual part and place it in the box. If the item is in one piece but there are any bits that are fragile and sticking out, wrap those first and then the rest of the item. Always clearly mark the box with fragile items. For some things, you may also want to specify which side is up on the box by drawing arrows.

Make an inventory list

One of the easiest ways to keep valuables safe during a move is to make an inventory list. This will help you organize your items more easily when you’re packing. In addition, it will help you keep track of your items during a move. Another thing that would be helpful is to take photos of each item. Having an inventory list accompanied with photos will be of huge help if you end up having to make an insurance claim. If you are using movers, they will also be making such a list. You want to compare each other’s inventory and sign off on it. Once you have moved, it will be easier to get to the right box if you have a list of items. Making one for all your possessions, not just your valuables, is highly recommended.

Get insurance

In some cases, your home insurance will cover your valuables. You should definitely look into it. If not, you can always get additional insurance for your valuables during the move. Certain moving companies even offer insurance as part of their packages. Getting insured is an important part of knowing how to move valuables safely. You will be able to make a claim if something gets broken or goes missing. You will also have peace of mind knowing you did everything to keep your items safe.

Transporting large items

Oftentimes, the valuables in question will be items that are quite large and difficult to move under any circumstances, not just because they are valuable and breakable. Think about things such as a pool table, piano or even some larger artworks. If you are handling the rest of the move yourself, it might not be a bad idea to hire movers for this one. You do not want to spend a day taking apart your pool table. Why do the literal heavy lifting when there is someone that could do it for you?

A part of a living room with two plants, a carpet, a piano, and an armchair.
Transporting a piano can be really hard to do yourself.

If you live in a city like New York, or you are moving there, chances are your building won’t have an elevator but a set of narrow hallways and staircases. Getting a heavy and bulky yet sensitive item up a typical New York staircase verges on impossible for any one person. Thankfully, NYC professionals can transport your piano without you having to do so much as lift a finger. And you can find a company like that in every city.

You should pay particular care when choosing a moving company if you are transporting something like a luxury car. There is a number of different issues to consider for something like that.

Take small items with you

Much like you should have someone transport your bulky valuables for you, so should you keep any smaller items with you. One of the best ways to move valuables like jewelry safely is to carry them along. You can be trusting and have all the insurance that you want. However, some items are irreplaceable in addition to being very valuable. These are the kinds of things that you want to take care of yourself. Besides jewelry, you may also want to carry any smaller fragile item with you as well. Think of glass or crystal items that you do not quite want to imagine at the back of a moving truck. These will be much better off neatly packed, boxed and in your car.

A stack of three rings.
Your best bet is to take smaller valuables such as jewelry with you.

Move some items separately

One of the best ways to keep valuables safe during a move can be to actually not to include them in the main move itself. Consider packing up certain valuable items and taking them to your new home ahead of time. This is good for items that you do not want to chance putting in a moving truck, but you do not quite have the space in your car to carry them with you. You can take them to their new location before the move. Alternatively, you can let your movers know to leave them and you will take care of them later. You can always ask a friend to keep it for a little bit. Another option is to get a storage unit if there are multiple items like this. Once you’ve settled in, you can come back for them and transport them safely.