Jersey Shore meets the Lamborghini

Imagine Lifestyles Meets Jersey Shore on South Beach

Whatever your thoughts about the cast or premise of Jersey Shore, the show has gained some serious media attention over the last two years.  The show truly has developed a love/hate relationship with America and the media coverage they garner everywhere they go.  As many of you know the newest season takes place down in South Beach and the premiere was this past week.  Imagine Lifestyles newest addition to the Chicago fleet of luxury rental cars made a cameo appearance in one of the scenes.

Lamborghini Gallardo

We purchased the Lamborghini Gallardo down in Miami, and left it with the home office for a few weeks to let Miami residents enjoy it for a little while before we brought it home to the windy city.  In one of the opening scenes of the Jersey Shore premiere, the cameras take a shot of what appears to be Ocean Drive.  If you look closely, you can see our super rare Gun Metal Grey Lamborghini smiling at the camera on the side of the road.

Unfortunately for Miami residents your chance to drive this now “MTV made me Famous” car is over, but if you are lucky enough to live or visit Chicago it is all yours.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles today and you can experience everything the Lamborghini Gallardo has to offer, and it’s got a whole lot of good that comes with it.  So long Miami and Jersey Shore, we are keeping our new TV Star here in Chicago where she belongs.  

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