John Travolta’s Wheely Big Problem–Solved!

The theft of John Travolta’s 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL has been solved (follow link for original story), leading to the arrest of two men, DL Reyford and Michael T. Green. The vintage car was stolen in September of 2011 while Travolta briefly visited a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica, leaving the Mercedes parked for just 10 minutes!

John Travolta Mercedes

Travolta in his Mercedes

The extremely brief window during which Travolta left the car makes me wonder if the men were following the star, just waiting for the opportunity to steal the car. The brazen nature of exotic car thefts is always shocking, but seriously, what type of person just steals John Travolta’s Mercedes? Crazy!

Unfortunately, the Mercedes had been chopped, meaning that the thieves had taken it apart in hopes of selling the pieces and parts. Among the parts of the car recovered were the speedometer, seats, hubcaps and other randoms. In high-profile car thefts like this, selling the actual car can be too risky, so the parts are often sold for a profit.

Travolta Mercedes

Travolta enjoying his car during better days! 

Reyford has been sentenced to 16 months in jail and ordered to pay Travolta $50,000 in restitution while Green is awaiting trial (Reyford plead ‘no contest’ while Green plead ‘not guilty’ to the counts). 

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Travoltas car

Such a stunning car! What a shame it was chopped!




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