Lamborghini Will Let You Race All Weekend for $35k

Lamborghini brand is getting hearts racing with its latest offering: An all expenses included weekend of racing with the Lamborghini Super Trofeo supercar. Yes, that includes many sets of tires to burn through for the bargain price of $35k. If that seems a bit steep, you can rent a Lamborghini from us for far less. You can also take part in one of our Ultimate Driving Experiences, where you can drive a Lambo or Ferrari for 3 laps around a racetrack for a couple of hundred dollars.

Lamborghini racing

If you qualify, Lamborghini will set you up in a race-spec Gallardo Super Trofeo LP 570-4 for a weekend of blistering races

While $35,000 may seem extravagant for a weekend of racing, you must consider the overall costs. The Lamborghini racecar alone commands over six-figures. It also burns through endless sets of tires on track—tires that cost thousands. Factor in the price of a racing team, maintenance people, track time rates and you can get an idea of how this can make dreams come true. Now licensed racers can live the life of a professional Lamborghini driver for a full weekend for one all-inclusive rate. Genius.

To qualify for this Lamborghini race experience, hopeful drivers must possess an FIA-accredited racing license for the International Motor Sport Association category with a ‘C’ or ‘D’ rating. Oh, and they also must possess $35k…to reiterate.

Lamborghini racing

The Super Trofeo series racing weekend at a glance:

  • Two hour long practice sessions
  • 40 minutes of qualifying
  • Two 50-minute races
  • Hospitality services trackside. Yes, that means Lamborghini will pamper participants in style, as is expected for that sum of money.
  • Overall, that gives participants 4 hours and 20 minutes behind the wheel of a hypercar on a track, valuable racing experience and zero worry about other out-of-pocket expenses or surprises. It sounds like a playboy’s dream!

Drivers who come out on top of the North American Super Trofeo races will be given the chance to battle winners in Europe and Asia at the World Finals in Italy. It will be interesting to see how many are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity presented by Lamborghini racing.

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