Luxury Car Thieves Lose $10M Haul

Luxury Car Theft NY

Authorities in New York have busted a band of luxury car thieves attempting to transport around $10 million dollars in stolen vehicles.  This reminds me of Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini theft recently, and the string of luxury car dealership thefts.


Guy Fieri Stolen Lamborghini

Guy Fieri Stolen Lamborghini

The suspects stole 291 expensive exotic cars by using information obtained through dealership employees to make counterfeit keys.

City police commissioner Raymond Kelly said the group consisted of 21 members and that they were doing “swift business” reselling Lexus and Toyota vehicles in the States and overseas.  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said 16 of the thieves face felony enterprise corruption charges.

Two brothers employed at a Brooklyn-based Toyota dealership used identification numbers to search the Toyota/Lexus database for corresponding key codes.  At least they didn’t make off with a Lexus LFA supercar!

Lexus LFA Supercar

Lexus LFA Supercar

Did you know that the Cadillac Escalade is the most stolen vehicle?  You do not have to commit grand theft auto to drive one though, you can enjoy any of our Escalade rentals in a city near you at anytime!

Cadillac Escalade Most Stolen Vehicle

The Escalade is the most stolen luxury vehicle





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