Luxury Fishing Boat Charter

For those with a passion for sport fishing, we have every angler’s dream: a luxury fishing boat charter. Yes, this is the way to indulge in a fishing trip with your guests in extreme comfort.
No matter how long you plan your fishing trip to last, we have you covered with every amenity you will need for a successful trip. The waters of the south Atlantic are home to a plethora of large game fish, including Mahi, Swordfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin and more. One thing there is no shortage of in these waters are large game fish.
So if you want to impress your buddies, business contacts, or just get away, a luxury fishing charter is always a popular choice.

51ft Hatteras Miami or South Florida

This custom motor yacht caters to the sporty types. If you love to fish the open water, in a boat that is equally beautiful and functional, this is the sports yacht charter for your needs. A custom Hatteras yacht is a quality vessel, upgraded around 2008 to include newly engineered engines, and a complete aesth...