Sapphire Crystal Moto Photo Phone is so Dull

Motorola is reaching, the mobile phone company is trying to target the rich and fabulous with their new Aura cell phone. Motorola claims they have designed the world’s first circular display cell phone. What’s so special about a circle? We didn’t find much.

Sure there is a new design, up-to-date features and technology but so what. An aluminum keypad,  2 megapixel camera, 2 GB memory, video capture and streaming capability and about 7.3 hours of talk time, just doesn’t impress us these days. Especially when the price tag is $2,000, there is no Blackberry messaging or iPhone-ish touch screen which we adore. Plus, in these harsh economic times, save your money or use it for something sexier. Who cares about a circular LCD display even if it has 16 million color and 300 dpi resolution, or even a 62-carat sapphire crystal lens?

The Motorola Aura takes two weeks to create and may be pre-ordered at Motorola online if you care. The Aura will be made available worldwide in December. It’s rare that we say luxury doesn’t have to be the most expensive item but in this case it’s true. Stick to the new touch screen Blackberry coming soon or the iPhone 3G available now. Motorola sorry but your razor thin Aura just isn’t cutting it for us.