Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz Up for Grabs

There is a slice of celebrity automotive history up for grabs at auction: Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz. The bedazzled Benz is expected to net around $2 million USD, and the superstar personally stated that proceeds will benefit mankind. It was said that the sale profits will go to aid world hunger, per the wishes of both Ali and the car’s current owner. Check out the almost insane looking bespoke Benz below!

Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz

Initial auction bids began at $500,000. How much will the next owner shell out to own the bespoke Mercedes-Benz owned by legend Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali car

Ali rocked the 1959 Mercedes-Benz Golden Angel Wing during his glory days. It has been on display at a Manteca, California auto dealership prior to the big auction. To further generate publicity for the sale of the classic Mercedes-Benz, it was appraised on an episode of the hit television series “Pawn Stars”. The appraisal placed the car in the $1.5 million dollar value range.

Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz

Ali became a household name during the 1960’s and 70’s as a heavyweight-wrestling champion. His name remains well known some 30 years after his last appearance in a ring.

Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz

Special features of the Mercedes-Benz Golden Wing in question include the following:

  • A staggering 270 jewels to accent it. These include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and citrines. It is enough to make Betty White blush in her bedazzled tracksuits.
  • It is lined with 23-karat gold around the front and rear, including the headlamps, and some interior components.
  • It offers an incorporated world clock.
  • Obvious: Muhammad Ali owned it.
  • The money from the sale will feed the hungry.

Muhammad Ali’s 1959 Mercedes-Benz

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