New App Links Fellow Hotel Goers Minus the Awkwardness

Ever wondered if anyone interesting or perhaps appealing is staying in your hotel?  We’ve all been there-traveling for business or whatever reason, alone in a stuffy hotel room reeking of solitude and boredom and lacking the stimulation of you know, other human beings.  Meet IMGuest, a new website devoted to introducing all the wondering spirits of the world, wherever they may stay!  Because your exotic rental car Miami may generate attention, but cannot keep you company at your hotel.  

IMGuest App

Gone are the days of scouring the hotel bar for like-minded and equally attractive company…not that that ever worked before.  With IMGuest, you simply scan the site (you can use LinkedIn or Facebook) and view a list of other users on the premises, even if they are traveling for business or pleasure.  This helps to determine who may be in your industry, or who may be interested in your company as each profile displays work experience (similar to LinkedIn) and hotels they have stayed in.  This tool is a stalker’s dream, so be aware not to overshare.

IMGuest Smartphone App

I wonder if celebrities will use this app…not likely, but how awesome would that be?  You could then Tweet, "Kayne just hit the lap pool, and Ima let him finish…", or something similar purely for entertainment purposes.  Will there be a celebrity IMGuest, wherein only the famous can sign up, so they can see who is staying where, and perhaps swap their Maserati rental for a Lamborghini rental?  Time will tell. 

IMGuest Application

Once you make a connection with another user, you will receive notification whenever they are staying at a hotel near you.  Users even receive an alert notifying when a new IMGuest checks in to the hotel.  Overall, I think this is an overdue application, and am surprised no one it did not emerge sooner!



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