The Renaultsport R.S. 01 Racer Revealed

What do you get when you blend the performance of a Renault 3.5 with the aesthetics of the Renault DeZir concept? The Renaultsport R.S. 01 has been created specifically to compete in motorsport, and was revealed recently at the Moscow Motor Show. Let’s take a closer look at this beast.

Renaultsport R.S. 01The Renaultsport R.S. 01 at a glance:

  • Power is derived from a 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine. It is a version of the one from the potent Nissan GT-R.
  • This Renault produces 493bhp, placing it within reasonable standards to race.
  • The chassis is an extremely lightweight carbon monocoque. Total weight for it is around 1,100kg.
  • Roll cage and 150-liter fuel capacity, double wishbone suspension and carbon brakes. Sweet.
  • Top speed is estimated around 186 miles per hour, so it is not a threat to the Bugatti Veyron or Hennessey Venom GT.
  • Rather than working toward speed records, Renault is hitting the racing circuit. It will compete in the Renaultsport Trophy in 2015, part of the World Series. The company is gearing the R.S. 01 to be a “Springboard for the professional GT and endurance championships.”
  • The design is by Laurens van den Acker, VP of Design at Renault.

Renault DeZir conceptThe Renault DeZir concept is shown above in red.

The Renault DeZir concept emerged in 2010. Opinions on the car vary, as is natural, but the design cues carried on will likely be embraced. That is because they are not too drastic from the popular supercars on the roads today.

Renaultsport R.S. 01Notice the enormous rear wings and overall play for aerodynamics. This Renault certainly looks thirsty and also like a lot of fun on a track. The Renaultsport Trophy championship is a Pro-Am event, and the R.S. 01 will be a fine addition to the lineup in her attractive livery.

Renaultsport R.S. 01Renaultsport R.S. 01

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