Star Island Bahamas—100% Eco Focused & Friendly

Star Island BahamasStar Island is located in the Bahamas, and is announcing exciting plans for an eco friendly future-in the form of a luxury resort powered by trade winds, sun and currents.  But it gets more fabulous. 

Star Island is a 35-acre cay near the Bahamian island of Eleuthera.  Developers intend to transform this island of sand, coral rock, and trees into the world’s first carbon-neutral island resort.  This eco friendly luxury resort will define green, with no reliance on fossil fuels that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Environmental preservation is top priority for what will become a 68-room luxury hotel, vacation homes, and condos for short-term rentals.

Star Island’s carbon neutrality will be made possible with a photovoltaic roof coupled with a small wind turbine on each structure, capable of generating enough power to supply its own needs and send a surplus to backup storage batteries.  Other green features include:

•    A lagoon for collecting runoff
•    Rooftop herb garden
•    Garbage converts to fertilizer and fuel for extra electrical wattage
•    Possibly electric boats to plug in at the docks

Think all of that is fabulous?  There are other projects that are quite similar.  Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio are both involved in carbon-neutral resort proposals in the Virgin Islands and Belize, and a resort in the Maldives is enjoying a bit of a carbon-neutral retrofit.  Branson purchased Mosquito Island, located just off Virgin Gorda and DiCaprio purchased Blackadore Caye in Belize.

Yes, with celebrity endorsements and a plethora of plans, it would certainly seem that carbon neutral vacation spots are integrating into our near future.  What will the slogan be?  “Go green or go home”? 

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