Sunseeker Manhattan Charter, 75-Feet of Fun!

For those who know, a luxury yacht is quite possibly the most divine and complete escape from reality available.  For those who do not, allow us to introduce the 75-foot Sunseeker Manhattan, one of the best luxury sports yacht charters available.
75-Foot Sunseeker Manhattan Luxury Sport Yacht Charter
Sunseeker is one of the most trusted brands in the luxury yacht industry, and has been around for decades “wowing” the world with their engineering and design.  Sunseeker is such a popular brand that you can see Sunseeker yachts peppered throughout the intracoastal waterways of South Florida, and in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  We are certain the brand is every bit as popular overseas, too!

The 75’ Manhattan is an aggressive and bold yacht, with a cruising speed of 25 knots, maxing out around 35 knots.  The ride is always smooth, slicing through any jostling body of water like a butter knife. 

This is an ideal luxury vessel to impress just about anyone, for any function.  There are plenty of cocktailing areas, and the perfect deck for a divine sunset dinner.  The striking Atlantic Ocean is the perfect backdrop, as the sun paints the sky a million hues before producing twinkling stars.  Imagine the possibilities!

This is an ideal yacht charter for escaping the ordinary, or to provide an extraordinary private cruise experience for your group!

Take advantage of the 75 ft Manhattan rental in Miami, New York, Chicago or LA and discover the quality and edge of a Sunseeker yacht!  Check out our full fleet of luxury yacht charters

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