Ten Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex

Fake Rolex WatchWhere there is luxury, there are clones.  Attempts to mimic authentic luxury brands can be obvious, and at times fairly stealth.  It is important to not only be familiar with your favorite brands, but to remember that anytime someone offers you a deal that seems too good to believe, you probably shouldn’t.  Here are ten helpful ways to spot a phony Rolex, in the event you are suckered into an exchange on the street:

1.    A Clear Caseback.  Never in the history of Rolex have they produced a piece with a “skeleton caseback”.  A clear caseback allows you to see the inner workings of the watch.  Beware even if those inner-workings are emblazoned with tiny crowns, it is a dud.
2.    Micro-Etched Crystal.  Starting in 2002, micro-etched crystal has become standard on genuine Rolex watches.  While some fakes will not even attempt to mimic this feature, but some do try.  The micro-etching on an authentic Rolex is of their coronet symbol, and is located just below the 6 o’clock position.  The mark is so diminutive it is barely visible to the naked eye; yet clear under magnification, and so precise it is challenging to duplicate. 
3.    Cyclops Magnification Bubble.  On authentic pieces, there is a “Cyclops bubble” offering 2.5 times magnification of the date.  On a knock-off, this feature is often made of glass, off-center and offers less magnification.
4.    Triplock Crown Seal.  Many phonies will completely leave absent the extra seal between the winding tube’s threads on the Daytona, Submariner and Sea-Dweller models.
5.    Size and Weight.  Although it is not a tell-tale sign, note that most Rolex watches are designed to be sturdy, and therefore a lightweight watch should raise suspicions.
6.    Case Reference Numbers.  Between the lugs on the side are the serial and case reference numbers on an authentic Rolex watch.  Fake serial numbers will appear sand-blasted and grainy, whereas authentic ones are very detailed and slick.
7.    Hologram Sticker.  Some knock-offs will even attempt to reproduce the authentic hologram sticker.  The sticker features the Rolex crown just above the case reference number; make sure it moves when viewed from different angles.
8.    Sapphire Composition.  A faux Rolex will opt for glass rather than true sapphire crystal.  To test this, check the water surface tension-a smeared film of water will form a bead on sapphire due to the smooth surface.
9.    Lettering.  It is difficult to mimic the smooth lettering and edges of the letters in a real Rolex, to check simply magnify the lettering.
10.     Hand Movement.  The Rolex’s second hand moves smooth and continuously, whereas on fakes it is often jerky and twitchy.

When you are in the market for true luxury, be aware of these things.  Success and style come at a price, and paying for a knock-off is a step in the wrong direction of making a good impression.  No one will respect you with a phony Rolex, even if you step out of an exotic car rental on your business trip. The watch in the photo is a fake, by the way.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals