The Most Expensive Suit in the World

Holland & Sherry, the respected fabric and cloth firm was founded in Scotland in 1836. Suffice to say the firm has come a very long way, Holland & Sherry is offering one of the most expensive suits in the world at $50,000. What makes this suit so expensive is the luxurious material its made from. The world’s first 100% worsted spun Vicuna fabric. Here is the education part, Vicuna fabric is made from the wool of the wild Vicuna which is a relative of the llama. Vicuna live high atop the Andes Mountain range in Peru and Boliva. The Vicuna can only be shorn every three years and produce a puny amount of fine wool at that. Thus, the fabric is one of the most expensive in the world at $4,000 per yard.

Holland & Sherry took it upon themselves to gather the exclusive wool for the last five years, plus, another year and a half to develop the wool into useable cloth. The Vicuna fabric is finer then cashmere and the firm has about enough to make only 18 suits. Clients interested in the world’s first 100% worsted spun Vicuna suit have a limited color palette of f black, midnight or natural to choose from. If you feel constricted by ordinary suits or just hate suits in general, you may want to get yourself into some Vicuna. Think of a Vicuna suit more as pajamas or broken in jeans that are office and nightlife approprate. That is if you can afford to dress like a king, the King of Morocco was first to place his order with Holland & Sherry.