The Real Bond Girl

Ya’ll were probably too busy in the action packed James Bond flick, Casino Royale, to notice the Real Bond girl who only got her 5 minute debut. No need to worry, we are about to tell you all about the bodacious Bond girl named Predator. Her size is 108, that is 108 feet and she was birthed by Sunseeker.  What kind of girl name is Predator you may ask? it’s a fierce model name for the fiercest of motoryachts.   If you can afford the $10 million Megayacht pricetag then give her any girly name you want, she’ll always be a Predator.


Her 84 tons half-load weight is hefty but she is no laggerd, the Predator skillfully advances to 40 knots ahead. That may not seem fast to you land lovers, so let us put it into terms you can understand.  The Predator 108-foot’s weight is on par with the combined weight of 42 Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds. Now, imagine what it’s like firing up 42 Rolls at once,  while casually sitting in a Besenzoni helm chair. One hand on a carbon-fiber wheel, the other on a set of MTU electronic engine controls Then  accelerating from 0 to 50 miles per hour in just under one minute, incredible. The Sunseeker Predator 108 has big, Arneson drive-powered, performance engines and was built to Italian classification society RINA’s 100 A-1 specifications. She’s available in twin straight-inboard and triple-Arneson versions, and there are two basic layouts.
Strict R& R is the 108’s only raison d’etre, not cheap practicality. The saloon/helm area is gorgeous, the ceiling height is of palatial proportions. Niceties include a dumbwaiter from the galley below; a lofty helm area with four inviting Besenzoni helm chairs; a top-shelf Linn home-theater system with hard-disc music library and 42-inch retractable LCD TV; a dining table for eight; and easy sliding-door access to a BBQ in the cockpit. The Sunseeker Predator 108 is to play and party under the open stars, people buy 108’s for a whale of a time, no pun intended. She is luxurious, highly evolved, elegant and we assure you, in a class all her own.