Top 5 Luxury Car Options-What Tickles Your Fancy?

While we all wish our vehicle was secretly a transformer, there are certain luxury amenities that are not so far out of reach.  Our current top 5 picks for add-on options include:

Ejection Seats•    Ejection seats
•    Limo window front and back
•    Separate LCD flat screens For each passenger area
•    Backseat refrigerator
•    A button to instantly tint the windows to invisible while parked

A little something extra to go along with the purchase of and exotic car is an addition that continuously creates satisfaction.  Ejection seats may not serve a practical purpose, but hey, they are something sweet to brag about and I want mine to have parachutes, very James-Bondish.

A limo window for the front and back is an excellent way to maintain a peaceful ride, where all passengers are free to entertain themselves as they wish, without fear of impeding on the comfort of the others. 

Lets talk flat screen TV’s in the car.  Ideally, there would be two in the backseat, one mounted behind each headrest, enabling passengers to truly travel in the lap of luxury without having to bicker about what to waLuxury Car Interiorstch.  Isn’t luxury about indulgence?

And while you are watching your favorite movie, why not have the option to reach over and enjoy your favorite icy beverage directly from a refrigerator in the car?  Sigh…this dream is getting better.
Finally, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to push a button, and darken the windows, rendering the inhabitants virtually invisible?  This would be ideal for parking lots, and other areas where you need to stop and do not necessarily want to be stared at because of your exotic wheels. 

What outrageous amenities would you like to have in your car or see featured in your exotic rental car options?

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals