Want to Buy a Celebrity Super Yacht?

It seems that Microsoft co-founder and former Charter Communications chairman Paul Allen is looking to unload his super yacht, “Tatoosh”, for the bargain price of about $162 million bucks. 
This super luxe super yacht has a bit of an intriguing history.  It was originally built for mobile phone mogul Craig McCaw at Rendsburg in Deutschland by Nobiskrug, and completed in 2000.   It was designed and built by Kusch Yachts.

Apparently McCaw either lost his sea legs or his ability to afford her, as she was purchased by Paul Allen in Tatoosh Super Luxury Yacht2001 for $100 million.  While you can never believe everything you see in print, I did read that Allen chartered Tatoosh out to the extravagant son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, who used it to entertain rap sensationEve.  The article then goes on to say that Eve was a bit uncomfortable to learn that the father was a cannibal.  Suddenly I want to watch ‘Silence of the Lambs’, perhaps onboard a luxury yacht charter.

Back to the matter at hand, exploring Allen’s 303-foot super yacht.  It boasts an outstanding 5-deck layout with 10 staterooms, a cinema, a pool of course, and not one, but two helicopter pads.  Because every super yacht needs two helicopters, right?  Is it to balance out the vessel, or is Allen just that busy?  I bet there is room for exotic cars onboard, or perhaps he just goes for a luxury rental car when he reaches port.

The Tatoosh measures in as the world’s 26th-largest yacht, according to Fraser Yachts.  So why does Allen wish to unload this stunning super yacht?  Don’t feel too sorry for the guy, he still owns the $200 million dollar “Octopus” super yacht, which happens to be the world’s 9th-largest yacht.  Clearly life is a beach for Mr. Allen, who’s Octopus boasts a full-time crew of 60, including some former Navy Seals.

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