Wrecked Exotic Cars: 20-Year-Old Totals Dad’s Apollo

Gumpert Apollo Crash Germany

Apollo supercar crash in Germany

Whenever a high-end exotic car is crashed, we all want to know the details.  It seems that a 20-year-old in Germany has completely totaled his dad’s Gumpert Apollo supercar, worth $400k plus!  The boy wonder and passenger (a 19-year-old girl) were unharmed; along with the luxury car’s cabin…the body was completely destroyed. 

I hope the poor chap at least got some tail out of this tailspin…that is a lot of money to impress a chic!  A sophisticated luxury car rental would have sufficed to impress the lady.


Gumpert Apollo crash

These kids were lucky to survive this exotic car crash.  Note how the cabin is intact

The Apollo supercar even gives some top supercars a run for their money, as it is among the most expensive and powerful collector cars out there.  This exotic sports car is essentially a street legal racecar, and not intended for young or amateur drivers due to its potent power and uhm…price tag.

Apollo supercar

Apollo supercar

To further drive home my point, the two-seater Apollo supercar was designed to be driven at outstandingly high speeds, and though it has not been tested, it is rumored that Gumpert intended for the Apollo to have the power be driven upside down in a tunnel.  Hey, Gumpert, I want to test this theory, call me anytime!

Well, it can hit the 0-60 mark in just 2.9 seconds with top speeds of 223.9 miles per hour, so this is certainly not the car for a young boy, especially if he lacks proper training and experience driving supercars.  The Apollo is among the world’s fastest exotic cars, topped only by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the Ariel Atom V8.

Apollo supercar

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