WTF: Lamborghini Bursts into Flames at McDonald’s Drive-Up!

Lamborghini fire McDonalds

Lamborghini on fire at McDonald’s

No ‘Happy Meal’ was to be had at McDonalds recently, but rather, a toasted Lamborghini Gallardo.  Not a typical menu item, the Gallardo inexplicably burst into flames at a McDonald’s drive-up in Furuset, Norway.  I feel certain that the driver did not desire a side of fire with that, and patrons got a bit more than a meal that day!

The driver, rapper Tshawe Baqwa of the group Madcon, was unharmed, but the Lamborghini Gallardo was on loan to him from Norwegian shipping magnate John B. Ugland.  I assume Ugland was less than pleased to view the crispy remnants of what was once a supercar of massive proportions reduced to charred rubble!  This type of scenario is our worst nightmare at Imagine Lifestyles, definitely not how we want one of our Lamborghini rentals to end up!

Lamborghini fire McDonalds

Lamborghini fire McDonalds

Rapper Tshawe Baqwa of Madcon

Rapper Tshawe Baqwa of Madcon was the driver of the Gallardo at the time of the fire

The McDonald’s was promptly evacuated as firefighters doused the dream car, extinguishing the flames along with any hope of the Gallardo ever gracing the roads again.

There was no information available about what ignited the blaze, though I feel confident the insurance folks will discover the cause!

Lamborghini fire McDonalds

The charred remains of the Gallardo coated with foam

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