Which Machines Made the 2014 Top Gear Awards List?

It is that adrenaline and petrol infused time of year again: The 2014 Top Gear Awards list is out! You may want to kick up the horsepower on your downward scroll to see which dream machines made the cut!

2014 Top Gear AwardsLet’s begin with the top choices of the leading lads of the show:

Jeremy Clarkson’s Car of the Year: Corvette Stingray 

“They’ve skimped on the trim to keep the costs down – Amstrad would have rejected the head-up display graphics for being too old-fashioned. In 1985. But they’ve gone the extra mile with the bits that matter. So we get a properly fast car that’s lovely to drive, for about half what we were expecting to pay.” –Clarkson

2014 Top Gear AwardsJames May’s Car of the Year: Ferrari LaFerrari 

“I’ve driven the LaFerrari very hard around Fiorano, twice, and even I can handle it. That alone makes it my Car of the Year. It’s also an artwork. It’s a massive indulgement, so it really has a duty to be beautiful, as a courtesy to other people who are forced to watch it go by.”  –May

2014 Top Gear AwardsRichard Hammond’s Car of the Year: Porsche 918

“The 918 is a direct product of racing experience and outstanding technological development and application. It melds electric and petrol power perfectly to move the supercar into entirely new possibilities. It feels, and is, unlike anything else before or now. It is my Car of the Year, no doubt.”  –Hamster

Other categories are as follows for the 2014 Top Gear Awards:

Sports Car of the Year: Mercedes-AMG GT

Hot Hatch of the Year: Volkswagen Golf R

Supercar of the Year: Lamborghini Huracan

City Car of the Year: Renault Twingo

Hatchback of the Year: Citroen Cactus

Family Car of the Year: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

Coupe of the Year: Audi TT

Luxury Car of the Year: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

Cabriolet of the Year: Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale A

Muscle car of the Year: Corvette Z06

And the main car of the year is…drumroll please…The BMW i8!

2014 Top Gear Awards

I will wrap things up with a quote from Top Gear that attempts to explain the nature and fortitude that is the driving force behind the coveted annual awards: “Why? Because a Top Gear Award is different. An accolade from Top Gear isn’t like other industry awards, because we don’t ascribe overwhelming value to the size of the boot, or the lack of life-threatening oversteer at 170mph. Instead we honour cars that will satisfy some basic premise of car ownership. Cars that genuinely move the game on in terms of technology, cars that inspire and point the way to the future. Cars that make you laugh, smile and over-deliver on their promises. Cars with a decent chunk of soul, in other words.”

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