Mercedes-Benz Challenges BMW and Audi to F1 Battle

It has been a satisfying year for the folks at Mercedes-Benz. The company has an impressive offering of vehicles for 2015 and absolutely annihilated the 2014 Formula One season. Not one to idle, Mercedes-Benz is already challenging both BMW and Audi to race next season.

Mercedes-Benz F1

The Mercedes-Benz F1 season was a screaming success. 

Mercedes-Benz F1We all love the long-running romance/rivalry between Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Inarguably, the often humorous back-and-forth jousting could be made even better with some F1 titles at stake. Mercedes-Benz took home all but three of the grand prix titles this year, finishing off the season with at least one car perched on the podium at every single race.

Mercedes-Benz F1Competition is the driving force to success, especially in the automotive arena. It is in that spirit that Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche invited rivals BMW and Audi to face off in the F1 circuit. It is a seductive thought, as the three companies combined hold 80% of the luxury auto market. It would also provide a more interactive method for faceoffs, taking the challenge from forums and clever billboards to the best tracks of the world.

Mercedes-Benz F1BMW made its last F1 move in 2006 when it purchased team Sauber, withdrawing in 2009. Audi has never held a presence in the circuit, though that may well change with the likes of the Audi R8 out there competing in other races and the Le Mans grid. As for Audi and F1, they released the following statement in October that brilliantly traipses around confirming and denying the possibility: “These rumours keep appearing. It’s pure speculation again this time and without any foundation. Audi Sport is committed to the @FIAWEC @DTM and GT racing. In 2015 we will add the Audi Sport TT Cup to our programme.”

Will there be an F1 showdown between three of the best luxury auto brands in the business? We must wait to see if BMW and Audi take the bait!

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